Rev. Pavel Levushkan (levushkan) wrote in homophobia_ru,
Rev. Pavel Levushkan

Вот такое письмо получил один из активистов движения за традиционные ценности. Выводы делайте сами, кто эти люди, и к чему они стремятся, и какими средствами готовы устанавливать свой порядок.

Subject: Social projects

I am homosexual. Not by choice, but by destiny. God made me, and God loves me. You hate me without even knowing me. You will be judged for judging me, and your eternity will be spent paying for your sins. Hear me when I say that NO god or man will bring my fall. I am a child of the earth and will not be made to suffer for my being. LONG LIVE HOMOSEXUALITY! STOP BREEDING HATRED AND POVERTY!

By the way, you are NOT welcomed in Washington state. We are liberal and will not change because of your violence and hate-speak. Bring it on. Bitch.
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