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Новый метод борьбы с пидарасами

Iraqi militias use brutal tactics against gay men

An article from Al Arabiya online, an Arab news channel, reports that Iraqi militas have cruelly torturing gay men

Tiffany Ayuda

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission did a translation of an article from Al Arabiya, a news channel that offers the Arab perspective on the news, and discovered that Iraqi militias have been practicing brutal tactics against homosexuals in Iraq.

Al Arabiya reports that the Iraqi militias have been using a particularly painful form of torture that involves gluing the anuses of gay men with “Iranian gum,” according to Yina Mohammad, an Iraqi human rights activist who spoke to Al Arabiya.

Mohammad goes on to say that Iraqi militias have recently started using an even stronger form of glue to close the anuses of gay men called “American hum,” which is an Iranian manufactured glue that, if applied, sticks to the skin so tight that it can only be removed surgically.

According to Mohammad, once the militias apply the glue, the gay men are given a drink that causes them to have diarrhea. Because their anuses are closed, the diarrhea eventually causes death, since the men are unable to defecate.

Videos of this brutal form of torture of gay men have been distributed throughout Iraq and downloaded into people’s cell phones.

The Iraqi defense ministry reports that, this month, six gay men were shot to death in a Shia-controlled part of Baghdad. The Iraqi defense ministry reported earlier this month that six gay men were shot dead in a Shia-controlled part of Baghadad.

The ministry reports that “two of the bodies, found on Thursday, had pieces of paper attached on which was written the word ‘Pervert.’”

Mohammad said to Al Arabiya that, for the past three weeks, there has been a crackdown on homosexuals and that a religious decree orders them death. Although the religious persecution has not been confined to the Shiite clerics, some Sunni leaders have also ordered the death penalty for sodomy.


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